Monday, 6 July 2015

Photo Technique Sunday - #1 - Up Close and Down Low

Morning all, I do know it is Monday but that is ok because it is Sunday on the other side of the world. lol

But today I am going to share a technique I love and if you look on my mums camera I am sure you will see photos of me down low. One of my favourite photo techniques is getting close to subjects such as: Flowers, Mushrooms, Barbed Wire.

Here are some examples for Up Close -

This is another but different example of Up Close, but for this photo to be different had the lens resting on the tree and looking down.

And this one is a Down Low example as I love getting really Down Low and capturing those little moments through the lens.
This is also another example of getting Down Low. And when I mean Low, I am mean low. I was on laying on the ground and I love the result I came out with.

These examples are just a few that I like to document the everyday. Like the Autumn leaves show and tell the thickness on the ground of those beautiful leaves in a beautiful season.

Hope you get out there with your big camera, IPhone, point and shoot whatever you like to use and document those little Close Ups and Down Low moments

Have a lovely day capturing those special moments.
Lydia xxx

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