Sunday, 12 July 2015

Photo Technique Sunday - #2 - Everyday Documenting

Hello. I am back today with my Photo Technique Sunday.
This post will be based on the everyday moments that you can catch on camera that you will cherish in years to come.


As a teen I don't really like having my photo taken, as I love being behind the camera then in front of the camera. But at times we have to have photos of our selves and the very little things in our scrapbooks to document the everyday.

Here are some examples that I know I will cherish in years to come of the little things I do and have.

Even though all of these photos have myself in them, other photos that don't have my self in them that are little moments captured I will still really cherish in the years to come.

And as a scrapbooker I love taking photos of random things as I know I want to document those little random moments.

This Photo Technique was inspired by the fact that as scrapbookers we record and capture the everyday moments to look on in the future and to document our lives. I was also inspired by a very tragic moment that happened to the talented scrapbooker Heidi Swapp as she recently lost her 16 year old son, and that shows as documenters that we should document the everyday so we can record our lives and MAKE PRETTY STUFF.

Have a lovely night & MAKE PRETTY STUFF.
Lydia xxx

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