Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Blog - tember Day 7 - About My Blog Name

Hey, hey reader. Oh my, is it the 8th already, and I am already not keeping up to date. All well I am back now and I am going to catch up and schedule the next few days worth of blog posts.

Today I sharing about my blog name and how my blog started.

September 7th - About My Blog

So here is the story of my blog. I started this blog about 5 years ago after my mum and I sat down and  started it to share my creations for family and friends to see. At that time my blog name was 'Lydia's Crafty Room' as I was always crafting in my room. 

After a few posts I stopped blogging and never blogged, then a year or so after that I did a few posts again and stopped until about half way through last year when I realised Scrapbooking is what I am really passionate about and that I wanted to inspir others and to share my creations with other from orotund the world.

This is when my blog had a make over and I changed the name to what it is now called 'Lydia's Craft & Creations'. This name I found while searching for a new blog name when I changing my blog around and I have loved it ever since.

I do often try to thing of a more neutral name to sharing all things other then just my creative Scrapbooking side. But I am hoping by the end of this challenge I am going to be sharing other things like my photography and bits and pieces.

So that's how this little blog has revolved over the years and is now what it is today because of you my lovely followers.

Also I you are not a follower of my blog yet make sure you are by added your email to the top right corner under my logo photo so you get a email when I post a new blog post.

I will be back again tonight to share today's post as well.

Lydia xxx


  1. It's so lovely that you are still doing blog tember! I am reading you posts, just don't get a chance to comment often! I loved reading how your blog came about! It's you and your space! Hope you share photography and bits and pieces you never know who you may encourage ❤️