Monday, 10 February 2014

The Documented Life Project Update.

Since I last posted the other day I have done 3 more pages in my album. I have done week 1, week 7 and my title page. 

Week 1 was a door. So I drew a door and water coloured it. 

My title page for my album. 

Week 7 was to repeat a shape so I chose squares. 

Have a lovely week everyone!!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Flower ball ball

At the moment I have been making Christmas presents. But the other day me and my mum started to make a flower ball ball.  Here is some pics. 

The flower ball ball already done is from a swap my mum did. And she got that. 

Mine is not finished yet but mums is. 


Hi everyone. I haven't been on my blog for a few months due to not having much internet. But I am back now and ready to post loads of things in 2014. 

This year I have start Kaiser Crafts Captured Moments it is like Becky Higgins Project Life but Kaiser Craft Brand. 

I have also start a The Documented Life Project. Each week there is a challenge and you do it in any art and put it in a journal. Instead of putting mine into a journal I am doing my as a scrapbook page and putting it in my Captured Moments Album. 

Here are a few pics that I have taken since I start. 

Have a look for the Facebook group and join. It is so much fun. 

Cutting out my own Captured Moment Cards. 

All of the things I got to start me off in my Captured Moments. 

One of the lay outs for Captured Moments. 

Week 4- was that you had to write words and cover them expet for one word. The Documented Life Project

Week 3 - was envelopes- so you could use a envio lope you got or you could make one. The Documented Life Project. 

Captured Moments layouts. 

Week 5 - was a doodled Border. 

Week 6 - was inspiration from Pinterest. I got my inspiration from 'Small For Big'.