Thursday, 12 March 2015

GUEST BLOGGER - Krisy Podolak

Good morning everyone. Today I have a very special guest posting here on my blog, Krisy. Krisy is going tell a bit about her self and her chosen topic for this guest post.

A bit about me…My name is KrisyI am almost 32 years old and I live with my husband and our two children, Poppy and Leo in Brisbane, Queensland.  I am currently a Stay at Home mum with a third baby due in the next few weeks.  I have been scrapbooking most of my life but not necessarily in the ‘modern way’.  I enjoy all sorts of crafts but my main love is scrapbooking.  To see more of my stuff you can find me on my blog popleopod.wordpress.comInstagram @krisy28a or Pinterest @krisy5.

Scrapbooking – The Evolution of Style : Don’t Change the Past
I constantly read Facebook comments about people who look back at their past albums and feel the need to go back and redo them.  I ask myself Why?  So many people complain about their inability to keep up with simplified scrapbooking projects like Project Life so why would you go back and redo an album that was clearly a reflection of you and your style at that time?
I have many albums, some coming up to twenty years old and I can tell you that the style of these albums is way different to the ones I am currently working on.  My first album is more of what is referred to as a smash book. This was the style back then.  Then it evolved to somewhat more traditional style. Why would I want to change it?  Not only has the style changed but the quality of my photography has improved and my handwriting but these are all things that make that album unique.  
The other thing that has changed that is reflective in today’s styles is our ability to share ideas and techniques through magazines and social media.  Back then, your style was limited to the one particular party plan company that was dominating the market at the time.  Since then, we are now spoilt for choice not only with physical stores stocking a variety of products designed specifically for scrapbooking and memory keeping but also online stores.  We are now only limited by our imagination and more often than not bank balances not actual products.
While organising my thoughts and photos for this post I came across a page that I did 15 years ago documenting the birth of a friends baby.  We were 18/19 years at the time.  This was the first child for our group of friends at the time.  I took a photo of that page and sent it to her through private Facebookmessage.  Her response to me was I forgot all that stuff.  I think I am going to have to redo that album there was so much inappropriate behaviour I documented in that album.  My words to her…”Don’t change it!  That is what it was at the time.”  At the end of the day we were a group of kids with a kid.  The photos won’t change and the stories won’t either.  “Your right”, was her reply “But…I might do another one to go with it.” I don’t know why!?! 
These are a few of my pages from various albums over the years.  
In the beginning my embellishments were all hand cut from bits of paper.

 I then travelled overseas for a few years.  I didn’t get many photos printed during that time but smashed together cut outs and ticket stubs to document this stage of my life.

Then came the style of cutting photos – I struggled with this one at the time.

And finally today is about one photo, embellishments, mixed media, stamping, paint etc.

So my question to you is, we as Scrapbookers are all about preserving memories, so, why go back and change them? I would love to hear your thoughts.