Sunday, 15 February 2015

Guest Blog Post Call - #1

Afternoon everyone. So here I am with another Guest Blog Post call. 

I am look for about 2-5 crafty people to do a guest post right here on my blog. You can be a crafter of all sorts, Project Lifer, Traditional Scrappbooker, Card Maker, pretty much any sort of a crafter.
This isn't a every long call so make sure you email me ASAP ( )

What I want to see in the email. - 
- 3 recent projects 
- a little bio about yourself 
- links to all your social media (Instagram, Facebook page, Pinterest)

That's all I want. I will email and stay in contact with you if you are chosen. Your guest post will be featured here on my blog in the in March or April. 

I hope to see many emails regarding the call. 

Lydia xxx

Creative Team - ANNOUNCEMENT

Hey hey everyone.
This last week has been very exciting for me as I had ideas flowing all around in my head and 1 of them has come true.

So I am here to announce my very first Creative Team.
These 2 beautiful girls I have been following on Instagram for more than 6 months, they both have become my Insta Best Best Friends, all 3 of us share the love of documenting our lives, scrapbooking and Project Life, Also did I mention these 2 beautiful girls are Sisters??

So here they are Natalie and Melissa.

The 2 girls will be posting projects, Project Life and more starting in March. The girls will not have a set day of posting here on my blog so you will just have to keep a ear out on their and my social media.

You can find the girls here -
Melissa - BlogInstagram
Natalie - Instagram

I can't wait to see what the girls have planned.

I will be pack with another blog post of another announcement.

Lydia xxx