Monday, 29 June 2015

School Holiday Plans

Morning everyone. I hope you are all enjoying your day.

I am here this morning to share my creative plans for these school holidays.

So on the weekend I worked out what I wanted to make/do on the holidays, what to catch up on and some things that I have to post here on my blog. With these ideas I wrote them on a post it note so I could stick them on my desk and I would be able to see them easily.
Post It Note #1 - Blog
Over the two weeks of holidays I really want to do a massive share of 12x12 layouts I have sitting on my desk. I do plan on doing a video for that as it will be quicker then a massive long blog post. I will work on that idea. Next on my list I have a Project Life layout share, so a update on my 2015 album so far (in which I am currently a month behind on, but I have photos waiting to be picked up today!!). And there may even be a video for that too, but it will properly be really long. Next is a YouTube share of videos that I have done since I announced I had a YouTube channel. I have that blog post sitting here ready to be posted. I will also do a few posts of other little things that I have been creating.
Post It Note #2 - Holidays
So this list is of little and big projects I want to get completed and catched up on. One item I want to finish is #MySelfieScrapbook which I have to finish the last few pages of. Next I have a month of Project Life I have to catch up on as I mentioned for the blog posts. I also have to catch up on adding photos to my Heidi Swapp Memory Planner/Album. And the last item is to do lots of Blog posts as my last official blog post was back on the 12th of May, so I have lots of catching up to do there.
Post It Note #3 - To Make

This list of very short with only one things on it. On this list I have to make a Photo a Day 4x4 Album of the holiday, as I have a WRMK 4x4 Instagram album sitting there not being used. I not sure yet if I will do this album, but I do have a idea of doing a photo a day as I normally end up with not many photos for my week in Project Life. I will have a blog post about that if I do go through with is 'To Make' item.

So I hope that gives all of my wonderful readers a idea what to you will be able to see from me here on my blog within the next two weeks.

Hope you enjoy your day.
Lydia xxx