Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My album update.

Wow haven't been on very much. My goal this year was to do more blog post but I don't think that happening as much as I wanted it to. 

So since I was last on I have come up to date with my album. (I just can't wait to see the it finished at the end of the year). I have done week 8 up to week 11. 
Here are some pics. 

Week 8. 

This weeks challenge was to add a flap to a flap. 

Week 9 

Week 9's challenge was to do a college with recycled something. I used a old postcard, sewing patten paper and things out of the local paper. 

Week 10

This weeks challenge was to write what makes you you. So I wrote a list of thing that I like to do basically. 

Week 11- this week I went on camp so it's just my camp photos. 
 For my year 8 camp we went to Alexandra Headlands, Sunshine Coast QLD. 

This weeks challenge was to add a bird of any sort. It could have been a drawing, painting, collage, photo but I used a chip board bird. 

So there is my update on my album.