Thursday, 23 April 2015


Hi everyone, Today on the blog I have the very talented Holly sharing how she includes memorabilla in her albums.

Lydia xxx


Hi! Holly Genc here, and I'm very excited to do a guest post on Lydia's blog! I have been Scrapbooking since I was around Lydia's age! Back then it was gray pages spiral bound into big books with not many options. I remember using rubber cement to glue the pictures down and then writing on the pages! Boy, it has changed!! I love it!

I'm a Stay-At-Home-Mom to 3 kiddos, aged 6 and under. I left the workforce as an architect when my middle one was 18 months. He is now 4! It's a fun, busy time with lots of cute photo ops!! (Which require documenting). In February, I started a blog with my good friend, LulyGonzalez. Check us out at

Are you the type of scrapper that scraps every week? Bravo! I'm trying to become that, but with 3 small children it doesn’t always happen. I do try to get together with my girlfriends once a month to do a mega crop. That just means I need to collect stuff until I get to sit down and do it! What about those special pieces of memorabilia? Where do you put it so that you can find it later, when you need it?

I started a Memorabilia Binder for just this issue. All you need is an 8.5x11 binder, office supply page sleeves, and some sticky label tabs.  I added tabbed labels to the sleeves to indicate the project or album in which it belongs. You could also label by month.  As time goes by and you collect items that you think would be fun to include in your Project Life album, drop them in the appropriate sleeve. 

Later, when you are ready for a crop, you can just grab the sleeve(s) for the project(s) you plan to do. Sometimes some of these items get added all at once after the album is done. A wedding invitation. A birth announcement. The family Christmas card. Unless you remembered to leave a spot for it, you need an alternative. For flat cards, I sometimes just punch them right into the book and at a coordinating ribbon tab or Washi tab. If it's the right size, I use the page protector inserts (I think I now have every variety!).


Thanks for having me as your guest, Lydia.
Holly Genc