Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Exciting, Exciting

Here I am to shre the exciting news that I mentioned in my last blog post that may include videos and scrabooking. (My Instagram peeps already know).

So, Drum Roooll.............................
I have a YOUTUBE Channel!!!!!
Yes this means I will be doing process videos and layout shares and more.

Here is a little introduction to my channel.

And guess what......? I already have a process video and Layout share up already.

Ok this was my first process video ever. So I ended up changing my camera position for the next video which is a layout share and it made it soooooo much better.

Layout Share -
And finialy my third video so far is a layout share of the layouts I did over National Scrapbooking Day weekend.

I will have another video up of a Project Life Process Video later in the week.

I really hope you all enjoy my videos and the one to come also.
Please if you do like them give thema thumbs up and Subscribe.

Lydia xxx