Thursday, 3 September 2015

Blog - tember Day 3 - Mood Board Describing My Blog

Morning all... I am hoping that I will get to post my Blog - tember prompts each morning around 8:00am Australian time, so keep a eye out here every morning (if in Oz).

Today I am going to describe my bog.

September 3rd -  Describing My Blog
Ok. I was going to do a Mood Board like the original prompt had but I had some difficulties doing that so I am just going to describe my blog in my own words.
Every time I think of my blog I think of scrapbooking, paper, getting creative at my desk, photos, embellishments but most of all my readers who enjoy to read my blog and that I could be inspiring heaps out there to get creative and to document their everyday through scrapbooking.
I know that isn't much but that's all I can think of.  So to make my readers join in the conversation I would love to know how you would describe my blog to someone if who is just staring a creative blog . Let me know in the comments below.
Hope you have a great day.
Lydia jxxx