Monday, 28 September 2015

Issue 11 Jot Magazine Feature

Morning beautiful blog readers. Today I am going to share something exciting that some of you may have read in one of my last blog posts, about having one of my layouts in Issue 11 of the Jot Magazine.

When I sent in some of my Project Life layouts I didn't at all expect to be chosen to be featured, I was beyond excited when I got a email from Kim Archer asking if she could use it.

You can find my layout on page 186.

Make sure you check out this fun filled and inspiring Scrapbooking Magazine here.
I will be back soon with a full blog post will close up photos of this layout.

Have a great day.
Lydia xxx

Meeting Renae

Hey, hey everyone, I am back to share some exciting stuff that I did on Thursday 24th of September.

So... We travelled to the Gold Coast here in Queensland (which is 1 1/2 - 2 hours away) to pick up some paddle boards. And while we were there I wanted to duck into the Spotlight store at Ashmore and to see if Nae was working. Well I surprised my beautiful online Scrap Sister as she was walking out of work.

It was so exciting to finally meet the beautiful Renae who is one of the owners of the awesome The Scrappery Kit Club and is also heynaedaily on Youtube. (Make sure you check her awesome creative videos out)

And of course we had to get a photo of both of us together to put into our Project Life albums.

While I was in this AWESOME Spotlight that is the best and hugest one I have ever been into. I had to get some bargains with my birthday money.
I got the beautiful Heidi Swapp September Skies Project Life Core Kit, some Amy Tangerine Stitched Puffy Stickers and Wood Veneer Frames, We Are Memory Keepers 4x4 Page Protectors and one of the new Heidi Swapp Project Life 4x4 Cards from the Prismatic collection.
I will be back soon with my Week 38 Project Life spread using some of these goodies.
Have a great day.
Lydia xxx 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Jot Magazine - September Mood Board

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are all having a great weekend. Rrrr! I am feeling a little frustrated as I haven't been able to keep up with my Blog - Tember posts, but I am going to get them all done even if they go through October. I also really want together back into my habit of Project Life Friday shares and Traditional scrapbook page shares as well.

But today I wanted to check in and share my layout for the Jot Magazine September Mood Board
I really love how it came together. This layout was actually my first using the Shimelle True stories collection (well just paper pad).

You also have until the 30th of September to enter to win a awesome prize from Elle's Studio.

So here is my layout.

Can't wait to see what next months mood board is. 
Make sure you check out the latest Issue of Jot Magazine here. You may even find a layout of mine in it. I will definitely do a post this week hopefully of that layout.

Have a great Sunday/Saturday.
Lydia xxx 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Blog - tember Days 9,10 & 11 - Letter to Me, On My Bucket List & What to do on a FridayNight

Good evening blog friends. I am back a day later (oops) to share a few days of my Blog - tember challenge promts as I have to catch up.

September 9th - Write a letter to 16 Year old Self

Well this is very differnt to what I normaly do (I think I say that every post haha), anyway since I am not 16 yet I am going to write into the future. I have NO idea what I am going to write to my self.

'Dear 16 Year Me,
As I write this letter I am sitting onmy bed typing on my iPad and it is school holidays. The music u currently like is the new releases, country and some of my favourite older songs. I am currently reading One True Thing by Nicole Hayes which I am enjoying as I have to read everyday at school in Year 9. As I write this it is a little wierd and I have no idea what to write. This past year I have been on 2 design teams hearing and inspiring others with my scrapbooking which I am loving documenting the everyday. '

Ok dokey that will do. That was a little out of my comfort zone.

September 10th - 10 Items on my Bucket List

This one I LOVE. I have ticked off a few items on my bucket list this past year and I am excited to tick more items off.

1 - Work for/at American Crafts         (Totally my number 1)
2 - Go Paddleboarding                        (This one I am hoping I will complete these school holidays we are getting some Paddleboarding yay!!

3 - Make a Snow Angel.                     (I have never seen snow so this would be pretty cool to do)

4 - Have A Penpal.                             (This might have to wait as I will have to save some money to  send some happy mail to someone)

5 - Have My Own Art Studio.             (Would, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have my own art studio   instead of having half my bedroom my craft room (which I still love) )

6 - Get a Henna Tattoo in India           (Would love to travel and do little things like this)

7 - eat Pizza and Pasta in Italy.            (Again would love to travel and I little things like this)

8 - Bungee Jump.                                 (Yer, still not sure about this one but I want to do it)

9 - Hold a Koala.                                 (Yes, I know. I live in Australia and haven't held a koala. But I have had a photo with a koala but really want to hold one)

10 - Watch Baby Turtles Hatch.          (Would LOVE to do this. And hold one if I could)

So there you go my top 10 items on my bucket list.

September 11th - What to do on a Friday Night

This may sound boring to some of you but either chill out watching TV or scrapbooking later then I usally do as it is not a school night.

Sorry for such a long post but I really want to catch up on these promts.

Hope you have a great night/day.
Lydia xxx

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Blog - tember Day 8 - Favourite Season

That's right people I am back - about 10 later. But that doesn't matter. I have a major catch up blog post list to do during the School Holidays Yay!!! I am hopefully going to post around 2 -3 of the prompts in each blog post to catch up over the next 2 - 3 days then I will start fresh and hopefully post on the right day until the end of this challenge. 

My goal this month was to do this challenge and I am trying. Finger are crossed. 

Today I sharing my favourite season.

September 8th - Favourite Season

Well as I said in my introduction post of day 1 on Blog - tember it is my birthday on the 30th, and I have to say that spring is my all time favourite season as you start a new month, my birthday is in the season and that the beautiful flora come out to share the happiness with everyone.

I am not so much a flower girl but I just love the strong fregrence you get as you walk past the jasmine flowers which bring back happy memories when I was younger, and the bright colours which I love to take photos of.

Would love to know you favourite season and 1 reason why you love it in the comments below.

Lydia xxx

Blog - tember Day 7 - About My Blog Name

Hey, hey reader. Oh my, is it the 8th already, and I am already not keeping up to date. All well I am back now and I am going to catch up and schedule the next few days worth of blog posts.

Today I sharing about my blog name and how my blog started.

September 7th - About My Blog

So here is the story of my blog. I started this blog about 5 years ago after my mum and I sat down and  started it to share my creations for family and friends to see. At that time my blog name was 'Lydia's Crafty Room' as I was always crafting in my room. 

After a few posts I stopped blogging and never blogged, then a year or so after that I did a few posts again and stopped until about half way through last year when I realised Scrapbooking is what I am really passionate about and that I wanted to inspir others and to share my creations with other from orotund the world.

This is when my blog had a make over and I changed the name to what it is now called 'Lydia's Craft & Creations'. This name I found while searching for a new blog name when I changing my blog around and I have loved it ever since.

I do often try to thing of a more neutral name to sharing all things other then just my creative Scrapbooking side. But I am hoping by the end of this challenge I am going to be sharing other things like my photography and bits and pieces.

So that's how this little blog has revolved over the years and is now what it is today because of you my lovely followers.

Also I you are not a follower of my blog yet make sure you are by added your email to the top right corner under my logo photo so you get a email when I post a new blog post.

I will be back again tonight to share today's post as well.

Lydia xxx

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Blog - tember Day 6 - Top Trends

Afternoon all. As I said in yesterday's post I shared earlier this morning I would be back with todays prompt.

So todays prompt was Favourite fashion trends, but instead I am going to share my favourite trends in the Scrapbooking world lately or some of the trends I avoid.
September 6th - Too Scrapbooking Trends 

The first one I can think of is Paper Doilies, I have seen many layouts with them. They even come is colours, polka dots and just plain white, which I like.

If you want to check out some gorgeous Layouts using paper doilies check out these creative ladies blogs to see their layouts.

Raquel Bowman - Blog

Michelle Stokes - Facebook Page

I have to say Raquel and Michelle inspire me a lot. I love the way there layouts turn out.

Layering under your photo in traditional pages has became a big thing. I know myself and Adele Toomey (Inkie Quill) love to use the basic and cheap Tissue Paper to add both texture and to build up the layers with scrapbook paper.

One of the huge trends right now is Gold Foil. I think nearly every new Scrapbooking collection has some sort of  foil, you can now even foil yourself with the Heidi Swapp Minc. 

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Scrapbooking trends are at the moment. 

Lydia xxx 

Blog - tember Day 5 - Top 10 Songs

Hey blog readers. Yesterday's post is a bit late but petter late then never right??

So I am going to twerk the prompt from yesterday from putting my iTunes on shuffle and say the first top 10 songs that play to my favourite top 10 song at the moment. 

So let's start this off with number 1:

September 5th - Top 10 Songs

#1 - Troye Sivan - Wild

Now thanks to my friends I am now a fan of Troyes's songs. I even found a song that I did know that he sung that I like. 

#2 - Walk The Moon - Shut Up & Dance

I don't know why I love this song but I just do. It is one of my first songs I put on while scrapping. 

#3 - Rachel Platten - Fight Song

I LOVE this song. I think I know it off by heart. 

#4 - Vance Joy - Riptide 

I LOVE this song again. (I have a lot of favourite songs.) I know all the lyrics and love to sing this song. 

#5 - Keith Urban - Kiss Me

This song has been one of my favourites since I was little. I have always loved good Aussie country songs such as Keith Urban. 

#6 - Sam Smith - Like I Can 

Same as a few above, I just like this song. 

#7 - Taylor Swift - Style 

Same as Keith Urban, I have always loved Taylor Swift since the first day I heard 'Love Story' (which has been my all time favourite Taylor song. 

#8 - Conrad Sewell - Start Again

Love this song. (Funny how I like songs about love, that's the same as books) 

#9 - Lady Antebellum- I Did With You

Just another song I like about love. Also from one of my favourite movies at the moment. 

Last but not least. 

#10 - Sarah McLachlan - Ordinary Miracle 

I can tember singing this at a Christmas school concert maybe, but most of all from the most beautiful movie that every child has to see, Charlottes Web. 

So here you are, my top 10 songs I mostly listen too on a Saturday morning while scrapping at my desk with the beautiful morning sun coming through my bedroom window. 
I will be back this afternoon with todays prompt and I might even do a extra blog post of a 12x12 Traditional scrapbook layout I did for a mood board challenge.
I hope you all had a great day. 

Lydia xxx 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Blog - tember Day 4 - What Am I Passionate About?

Morning everyone, I am back here again, that right 4 days in a row. My goal this month is to do every challenge of the Blog - tember challenge.

Today I am sharing ...

September 4th - What I Am Passionate About?

Well I am sure most of you can guess what I am passionate about. That's right documenting the everyday.

I just love how easy scrapbooking is to document those precious moments in our lives. I love taking photos (although I haven't been taking many at all the last couple of weeks) to include in my weekly Project Life but also scrapping those random single photos in a single 12x12 layout.

In the past 1 1/2 years I have started really thinking about my scraping career I think I have found the way I scrapbook and that is printed my photos from my SD camera card and playing with paper, embellishment, paint, stamps and more. I just love the feel of the physical products and I don't think I would ever go to digital. My goal after I finish high school is to go to college to do Graphic Design, even if I do that I think I will still be a physical product girl, still playing with paper and glue.
I would love to hear a little about what you are passionate about, leave a comment below. 
Lydia xxx

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Blog - tember Day 3 - Mood Board Describing My Blog

Morning all... I am hoping that I will get to post my Blog - tember prompts each morning around 8:00am Australian time, so keep a eye out here every morning (if in Oz).

Today I am going to describe my bog.

September 3rd -  Describing My Blog
Ok. I was going to do a Mood Board like the original prompt had but I had some difficulties doing that so I am just going to describe my blog in my own words.
Every time I think of my blog I think of scrapbooking, paper, getting creative at my desk, photos, embellishments but most of all my readers who enjoy to read my blog and that I could be inspiring heaps out there to get creative and to document their everyday through scrapbooking.
I know that isn't much but that's all I can think of.  So to make my readers join in the conversation I would love to know how you would describe my blog to someone if who is just staring a creative blog . Let me know in the comments below.
Hope you have a great day.
Lydia jxxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Blog-tember Day 2 - Ideal Day

Morning beautiful people. Well so far I have been here 2 days in a row yay yay!!!

So todays prompt for today is...

September 2nd - Ideal Day

Well my ideal day is pretty boring as I have SCHOOL! Although I love going to hang out with friends and the 2 days I have my favourite subjects - Art and Textiles (surprising hey?).

So lets do a quick 'Day In The Life Of Lydia'

7:00am - Wake up
7:20am - Get up and get dressed for school
7:30am - Pack bag for school
7:50am - Mainly searching Facebook or Instagram looking at my creative friend on there
7:55am - Shoes on and watching TV
8:15am - Out the door to catch the bus
8:40am - Arrive at school
9:00am - Form class
9:10am - First period
10:20am - Second period
11:30am - Morning tea
12:15pm - Third period
1:25pm - Lunch
1;55pm - Fourth period
3;05pm - HOME TIME!!
3;20pm - Catch bus home

And for the rest of the afternoon/night I am either doing homework searching Intagram again or CREATING!

So that is my ideal day. I am saw your ideal day is better than mine so let me know in the comments some of the things include in your ideal day.

I will be back tomorrow to share 'What I Am Passionate About'.

Lydia xxx

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Blog-tember Day 1 - Introduction

Hey, hey hey...... yes I am back and this time I am hoping to stay in the blogging world for longer then one blog post.

This month I am going to participate in the awesome concept Bailey Robert came up with which is Blog-tember. This will be my first time participating and I cant wait to blog everyday with different prompts. These blog posts will be different to what I normally post but I have really wanted to share other things on my blog other than my creative side so this challenge is going to share things that I haven't shared before so I hope you enjoy taking a step into my life and to see what a 13 year old who loves to do creative things does when not sitting at my desk.

So here we go...

September 1st - Introduction

I haven't done a introduction before so this is one for everyone and to welcome any new readers of my blog.

I am Lydia Gibson a 13 year old (soon to be 14 on the 30th of September), I live a small country town in south-east Queensland, Australia. I love to create anything to do with scrapbooking/memory keeping, Project Life, mixed media, photography and lots more.

I have currently been one 2 design teams, the first being 'Project Life Junkies' Facebook group DT which was a total shock as I was so happy to share my talent at my age with others from around the world and the second design team I have been on is 'Deer & Fawn Designs' DT which has unfortunately closed recently. I have loved being on Design Teams and I am always looking for more call to apply for. So if you know of any calls please let me know as I would love to apply and share my work and to inspire others.

My blog is a place for me to share my creative side. I don't often get my albums out to anyone so on here I can do just that and  share with people from around the world.


I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about me and I hope you pop in here again tomorrow as I share 'What My Ideal Day Is'.

Lydia xxx