Sunday, 30 March 2014

Meeting Becky Higgins

Yesterday 29 of march I had the oputunity to meet the one and only Becky Higgins at Capalaba Spotlight. It was a very special moment that I will never forget. Ok so I should explain who Becky Higgins is. Becky Higgins is the designer of Project Life. Here is Becky's explanation of Project Life. "Project Life is a quick and easy way to scrapbook. No techniques, no glueing, no stressing over design. It's about simplifying the process of mermory keeping to save you time and hassle. The pieces of the core kits are made to work together for convenience. As you add your photos, stories, and memorabilia, you'll grow more keenly aware of life's blessings."

She had a quick look through my album and she wished that she could have looked at all of my pages. Then she asked is I wanted any thing signed so she signed my album and a autograph card that she had so I could put it in my album. Then I had a photo with her. 

Here are a few pics of yesterday. 

Me and Becky. 

Becky telling me how great I am going so far. 

Becky signing a autograph card for me. 

Becky taking a photo of everyone at Spotlight. 

Becky and her husband David. 

Everyone ready to meet Becky. 

My signed autograph card. 

My layout I did as soon as I got home.