Sunday, 6 April 2014


So how is everyone??  

Today is the second day of school holidays in Queensland. Last night I sat down and wrote out birthdays and what I am going to make a presents. So I am going to start them this holidays. 

But today I was creating basically all day. I am now up to date with my documented life project challenges. 
I had some realy fun with week 14. 

Here is some pics of my fun day. 

Week 14 - your name then embellish it. I had a blast doing this one. This was my first 12x12 mixed media scrapbook page and I love it. It took about 3hrs (I think). 

Week 15 - Monochromatic, use one colour with different tones and shades. 

Album week's 12 and 13

Today I realised I hadn't posted weeks 11 and 12 of my album. So here they are. 

Week 12- we went down to the Gold Coast for a Weekend so that is my week spread. 

This weeks challenge was to use something out of a magazine. So I used something out of a Gold Coast tourist Magazine. 

Week 13- the week I got to Meet Becky Higgins. 
This week was my favourite week. 

This week you had to get someone else to draw something and you finish it. My mum drew me the love heart and I finished it by adding colour.