Friday, 16 January 2015

The Creative Space

Hey everyone, today I thought I would share my creative space where I do all my arts and crafts. 

So here is where I do all my magic. This area is from my window to my door. As I am only 13 years old this area is in my bedroom. This area was custom made to fit this area. Also as you can see the colour combo is Pink, Blue and white (my favourite colours). 

This is my pin board. Before I got my new desk this was just a plain board and I painted it to my colour scheme. On my pin board I have my calendar, some of my favourite photos, and some other decorations. The photos up the top are taken by myself and they were from a exhibition I participated in..
So on the desk I have a big cutting mat. This is were I do most of my creating. I have my paint brushes, pens, rubbish container and a few more other things.

Here are some close ups of what I just mentioned. Here I have my camera money box, a blue container with my Maggie Holmes Open Book ephemera.

Here are my most used stationary.

This wooden pencil box I made in my first year at high school in manual arts (last year, 2014). In here I store my art pen I use for Project Life, date stamp, corner punches, mini stapler, eraser, and my CTMH glue pen.

In this container I store my normal biros, paint brushes, siccors, paper cutting knife, rulers, water color brushes.

These are the pens I use for my Project Life. And some more close ups of what is in my pencil box.

Then we go onto my shelves. These shelves my dad made using old bed slats. 

This is what I store on the second row from the bottom. 
In this little container I store all my double sided tapes and foam.
(My sticky notes for Project Life)

In these pink containers I store lots of bits and pieces like , 6x6 paper pads, some stamps, sn@p, flails, alpha stickers.

In these 2 little boxes I store my non BH PL cards. (These boxes I found at Lincraft in clearance).

This is a round one of those blue containers. In here I store all of my twine.

And in this one I store my wood veneers.

Third row from the bottom I store my inks, sprays, and few of my stamps.

And the top shelve I store my mixed media supplies such as , gesso, wipes, glue.

And at the bottom of the shelves I have all my Project Life kits. Also in that page protector box is the start of my 2015 album as I don't have a alum as of yet.

Now onto my second set of shelves. 

We're I store my washi.

My art journals and albums.

And my stats and odd stickers and embellishments.

I hope you liked this very very quick over view of where I Create.
I hope you all have a great day. :)