Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Blog-tember Day 2 - Ideal Day

Morning beautiful people. Well so far I have been here 2 days in a row yay yay!!!

So todays prompt for today is...

September 2nd - Ideal Day

Well my ideal day is pretty boring as I have SCHOOL! Although I love going to hang out with friends and the 2 days I have my favourite subjects - Art and Textiles (surprising hey?).

So lets do a quick 'Day In The Life Of Lydia'

7:00am - Wake up
7:20am - Get up and get dressed for school
7:30am - Pack bag for school
7:50am - Mainly searching Facebook or Instagram looking at my creative friend on there
7:55am - Shoes on and watching TV
8:15am - Out the door to catch the bus
8:40am - Arrive at school
9:00am - Form class
9:10am - First period
10:20am - Second period
11:30am - Morning tea
12:15pm - Third period
1:25pm - Lunch
1;55pm - Fourth period
3;05pm - HOME TIME!!
3;20pm - Catch bus home

And for the rest of the afternoon/night I am either doing homework searching Intagram again or CREATING!

So that is my ideal day. I am saw your ideal day is better than mine so let me know in the comments some of the things include in your ideal day.

I will be back tomorrow to share 'What I Am Passionate About'.

Lydia xxx