Friday, 24 July 2015

I AM BACK !!! 12x12 Layout Share Monday - #3 - "Scrappy Friends", "Much Love For Autumn" & "Anzac Day"

Oh my, Oh my..... I haven't blogged since the end of the school holidays. But I am back and determined to get blog posts ready in advance so they are ready to post before school.

Ok dokey, time for some 12x12 Layout shares.

First up is
Layout #1 - "Scrappy Friends"
I really like how this layout came together with my go to packaging technique with gelatos and the beautiful bright colours from the Amy Tan "Stitched" collection.


Close Up -
Layout #2 - "Much Love For Autumn"
Love, love, love how this layout came out. It is definitely a very, very different layout for me. For this layout I used Inkie Quill's Home made kit, in which you make  a kit from products in your stash to use up some of those goodies that are waiting for your attention. Also when I did this layout I had watched one of Adele's videos in whish she had used lots of circles on one of her layouts and that is where I got the inspiration from.

Close Ups -

 And last layout for today......
Layout #3 - "Anzac Day"
This is a simple layout for me, but I like it. It was just a photo of a sunset from Anzac this year. I also did some mixed media with my go to packaging technique again and some texture paste.

Close Ups -

Thanks to all of my new viewers. I really hope I can I can share and inspire you all.

Have a lovely start to your week and I will make sure I am back on Thursday (hopefully if I can find a technique to share) for Technique Thursday.

Lydia xxx

Sunday, 12 July 2015

12x12 Layout Share Monday - #2 - "Saturday", "I Wear Flowers In My Hair" & "Westmar Sunset"

Morning All. Today I am going to share 3 12x12 layouts. I still have another 3 layouts for next week that were in my pile to share, then I will get onto sharing layouts I have just done using the beautiful Crate Paper 'Craft Market'.


Layout #1 - "Saturday"
This layout I really like how it came together. I have to say this is a little different then what I normally do but I like it.

Close Ups

Layout #2 - "I Wear Flowers In My Hair"
Love, love, love how this turned out. I really wanted to get my mixed media on and I sure did that. I really don't know how many time I have scraped this photo hahaha.

Close Ups

This little technique I just tried, I didn't know how it would turn out but I like it. I did some splatters then got a straw and blew them to make this cool affect.

& Layout #3 - "Westmar Sunset"
This layout is very different then what I normally do, but I like it. I have to say this is a very bright layout for me.

Close Ups

I hope you all have a lovely start to your week.
Lydia xxx

Photo Technique Sunday - #2 - Everyday Documenting

Hello. I am back today with my Photo Technique Sunday.
This post will be based on the everyday moments that you can catch on camera that you will cherish in years to come.


As a teen I don't really like having my photo taken, as I love being behind the camera then in front of the camera. But at times we have to have photos of our selves and the very little things in our scrapbooks to document the everyday.

Here are some examples that I know I will cherish in years to come of the little things I do and have.

Even though all of these photos have myself in them, other photos that don't have my self in them that are little moments captured I will still really cherish in the years to come.

And as a scrapbooker I love taking photos of random things as I know I want to document those little random moments.

This Photo Technique was inspired by the fact that as scrapbookers we record and capture the everyday moments to look on in the future and to document our lives. I was also inspired by a very tragic moment that happened to the talented scrapbooker Heidi Swapp as she recently lost her 16 year old son, and that shows as documenters that we should document the everyday so we can record our lives and MAKE PRETTY STUFF.

Have a lovely night & MAKE PRETTY STUFF.
Lydia xxx

Project Life Layout Share Friday - #2 - Week 16, 17 & 18

Hello my lovely readers. I am so, so, so late with my Friday Project Life share, But I am here to share now 3 threes weeks of Project Life.


As I sit here typing this post inside in the warmth of the fire here in South - East Queensland it is a total temperature of 18 degrees (64 Fahrenheit) out side with a wind chill of about 10 degrees. I also have a total of 2 pairs of socks on and 4 layers of jumpers lol. In other words..... I am freezing. So what's better then staying inside in the warmth doing blog posts and scrapping my heart out with my new scrappy goodies from Papertrenz of Crate Paper 'Craft Market'.

Ok better get on with this post.
Here are the weeks I am sharing.

Week 16 -
This layout was inspired by the ANZAC flag in the bottom right layout, as this was ANZAC week.

Left Side

Right Side

Close Ups

I love this little poppy I made out of a small paper doily.

Week 17 -
I really love how this layout came along and it actually didn't take that long to do. I do have a Process Video on my YouTube Channel.

Left Side

Right Side

Close Ups

As I shared above of the poppy made out of a paper doily I did the same here but added a flair in the centre instead of a paper circle.

Week 18 -
I have lately been having some of my layouts turned out not my favourite, but that is ok as I am not going to change them, as that is just how they turned out and it shows my style does doe's every so often. And this is one of those layouts that have come out that isn't my favourite.

Left Side

Right Side

Close Ups

I hope you all enjoyed this posted and I will be back very, very soon with my Sunday Photo Technique.

Hope your weather isn't as cold and if it is, stay warm and spend some time scrapping.
Lydia xxx

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Jot Kids Challenge

Hello hello everyone.
Today I am not going to share my usual Technique Thursday, but I am here to share a layout I did using the awesome creative Jot Kids Mood Board for these school holidays.

So here is my layout. I really love how it turned out with the bright colours from the lego colours.

For the Lego part, I used Lego as a stamp. I just used paint and stamped it right onto my page as I was going for a mixed media type of feel with the Packaging Technique, Texture paste and the stamping.

And finally a close up on the layers.

This was my first time trying out the Jot Magazine Mood Board challenges and i can not wait to get into the next monthly mood board.
Have a great end to the week.
Lydia xxx